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 Fine Art Virtual Art Exhibit " Spirit of 2020" 

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About Us

Fine art might not always depict something beautiful, “cutesy” nor visually pleasant.


Art is emotive and surface from within wrapped in a forced voice that can not be dominated, control nor silence.


As creative beings we merge and blend into a paradigm of social indulgence many times pleasing, conforming, and abiding by the ever-changing times.


Still, despite the treacherous road at a time, we must walk ...We find the courage and energy to express our deepest thoughts and feelings and leaving little traces behind to posterity as a reminder our true self is not mended nor born to be silence.


We come together in union and inspiration and understanding of today's reality.


This is a collective exhibit by artists in the Inland Empire in California.


Each of us come from different background, socially and morally.

Our reality has been established by the multiple experiences and events lived.

We have lost dear ones this year, by illness, by greed, and miss understanding. We had shattered friendships and broken ties due to expressing our own emotions and feelings openly. We had been misunderstood, stereotype and, radicalized for expressing in words what we are copping for. 


 And as we move forward, our inner self has taken those experiences and transform those thoughts, emotions, and feelings and brought them to life with every stroke onto the canvas to be displayed on this 2020 Virtual art exhibit.


A humble gift from us to humanity.


We come together in union and inspiration.