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 Fine Art Virtual Art Exhibit " Spirit of 2020" 

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Participating Visual Artist by Alphabetical order.


Facebook: Just type in your browser - Lisa Cabrera Lake Elsinore Instagram: @framegal13

Produced online marketing and search engine ranking projects for a variety of businesses, facilitated video development and promotional social media experience; clients include Honda, GM, Medical Industry, and an array of National and International small businesses always meeting and exceeding their individualized specific graphic design and marketing needs.

I'm a visual artist, loving animals, nature, and enjoy travel. My family is the center of my life and I share my visions and dreams throughout my paintings around the world. An advocate to the arts as my mission and personal goal is to share with the millennial child all I can, had learned, and has been available to me through mentors during my life. Thank you for entrusting us with your precious possession in our art classes, children art workshops, After School Programs, and our intensive Summer Art Camps we offer.


Barbara Perryman Fine Artist




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